2003 Lamfalussy Fellows

The 2003 Lamfalussy fellows are:

  • Rui Albuquerque, Boston University.
    Research project: Asymmetric Information and the Persistence of International Equity Flows
    (ECB Working Paper).

  • Published in The Review of Economic Studies (Lead Article, January 2007) entitled "International Equity Flows and Returns: a Quantitative Equilibrium Approach."
  • Giulia Iori, City University, London.
    Research project: An Investigation of the Efficiency and Stability of Alternative Designs for Securities Clearing and Settlement Infrastructures
    (ECB Working Paper).
  • Leo Kaas, University of Konstanz, Germany.
    Research project: Bank Competition and Financial Market Integration
    (ECB Working Paper).
  • Albert J. Menkveld, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam.
    Research project: Substitutability, Fragmentation and Price Discovery in the European Government Bond Market: An Empirical Study based on EuroMTS Data
    (ECB Working Paper).
  • Yigal S. Newman, Stanford Graduate School of Business.
    Research project: The Volume of New Issuance and its Impact on Market-Wide Credit Spreads ("Winner of the 2004 European Finance Association award for best PhD paper").