2007 Lamfalussy Fellows

The 2007 Lamfalussy fellows are:

  • Pedro Matos, Assistant Professor of Finance, University of Southern California (USC) Marshall School of Business
    Research project: Does Bank Insider Owneship affect the Loan Market? International Evidence
    (ECB Working Paper No. 1066)
  • Judit Montoriol-Garriga , PhD Student, Universitat Pompeu Fabra (UPF)
    Research project: Lending Relationships and Bank Mergers
    (ECB Working Paper No. 934)
  • Viorel Roscovan , PhD Student, Tilburg University, CentER Graduate School
    Research project: Does Bank Origin and Organization Matter for the Impact of Bank Loan Announcements on Firm Stock Prices?
    (ECB Working Paper No. 1023)